Justice at it’s Best..

She didn’t know that she is a widow now or that she was married. Well, when I was her age I couldn’t even spell marriage. But being a widow was quite comforting, according to her.

No heavy 6m long sari, covering her 3ft long body obstructing her walk.
No jewelry-bedecked on her body, obstructing her movements.
No vermilion messing up her silky black hair. No need to learn different cuisines as there is no one to impress.
No need to stay hungry for the long life of her so called partner who parted away leaving her alone.

When she turned 11, she was sent to her in-laws’ home to spend the rest of her life, with them. Everyone there gave her a warm welcome, no hard corners and taunting. Her mother-in-law took her as a replacement for her 5th son.

As years passed by, she grew up. Puberty did a magic on her. She blossomed in the love and affection she got. But growing up had its own side-effects. She started questioning everything. The usual calm and composed girl started turning into a rebel or should I say, the trammels and torments turned her into so. The white rags, the bland food, tied hairs, and staying home all day long was not comforting now. The prohibition to visit religious ceremonies and places annoyed her. The laugh and giggle of girls of her age burned her inside.

And amidst this mess, she got attracted to her elder brother-in-law. She knew her feelings towards him were illegitimate, not only she was married but he was married too. But there was no one to guide her. Whatever she asked for was denied, so she didn’t even dare to ask this. He sensed her feelings for him. And instead of showing her the correct path, he started playing with her mind. He started alluring her. The teenage with hormonal imbalance, confused and frustrated mind, and misguidance eventually led to the biggest mistake of her life. She confused attraction for love and surrendered herself. He started using her for his pleasure. After two-three abortions she also came to know that he doesn’t love her. But it was too late to mend things.

Slowly, the news spread. And they punished the culprit. She was raped by all the brothers. According to them she was one desperate woman to call all this on her. She hadn’t even recovered from the heartbreak and this happened. She was broken. Her heart wrenched. Her soul cried for mercy. But no one heard her plea. No one came to her rescue. After that day, she became a public property, used by people as and when required. She was turned into a whore.

But, as we say, “In God’s home there is a delay but no denial.” When this news reached the panchayat, they were shocked. They can’t believe it all happened under their nose. They came forward to provide justice. And yes, they granted her justice. No one used her from then onwards. No one talked ill about her. No one ever saw her lustfully. She was no more considered a pollutant contaminating the whole sea.

She was given poison.!!