He had hit the small tool kept in the corner with his leg making the vase do somersault all the way to the floor and break into several pieces with a loud thud. Mother who until then didn’t know how to react to the recent development got a hold of herself and made him sit on the chair. Fuming with rage sitting on the chair, father kept clenching his fist thinking of what or who to break next.
The house which was a warm and happy place has turned hostile blending with the situation. The air felt cold and heavy, the clock’s tick tock found the most appropriate moment to get acknowledged.
She heard her mother talk to her father in slow hushed tones but she couldn’t make out what she was saying. Words were vibrating at frequency unknown to her. She sensed slight terror in her sinking heart which was beating in perfect coordination with the clock. She wanted to think logically, analyse, reason with what’s happening outside of her room but she felt paralyzed in her throat.
She had thought about it a hundred times and ran the whole scenario in her head a thousand more times still it never occurred to her that it could turn out into a movie scene.
How can she even think loving was easy that too when the person is of the same gender.

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