The Story of my Marriage

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The Story of my Marriage


She was peeling potatoes when she heard her father shouting at mother. Although it was nothing different from what she had heard in last two years but it still affected her. The father, who grew Paneer in the courtyard for her, who went in the thunderstorm to buy chocolates on her birthday, who couldn’t talk to her without crying when she went to college, is regretting the day she was born. She could feel her diaphragm reaching the new low, filling up too much air inside which made her choke. Her heart started beating hysterically thinking it ain’t gonna last long.Her mother, who had never taken a single decision in her life independently, who was too scared to go against her husband, stood by her even though her father was going crazy.

Sitting in the back seat, she kept feeling that she is leaving her everything behind. Every now and then she would check on her mother thinking that mother would ask the driver to turn back any minute. And when they reached the destination, she felt like going back to her father, who said he would rather attend her funeral than give his approval, who is disgusted that she is his daughter and moreover would be happy if her decision turns out to be a mistake. 

Stepping outside the car she saw the love of her life, in her favorite pink shirt. His warm eyes, loving gaze and smiling lips made all her worries vaporize into oblivion. For the first time the thought of being together, didnt seem impossible. The choice was never between her parents or her choice, it was between their choice or hers. Her head became clear, heart felt light and lips curved into a smile. She held his hands and walked into the court with her mother besides her and the faith in her heart that someday father would accept too.


He had hit the small tool kept in the corner with his leg making the vase do somersault all the way to the floor and break into several pieces with a loud thud. Mother who until then didn’t know how to react to the recent development got a hold of herself and made him sit on the chair. Fuming with rage sitting on the chair, father kept clenching his fist thinking of what or who to break next.
The house which was a warm and happy place has turned hostile blending with the situation. The air felt cold and heavy, the clock’s tick tock found the most appropriate moment to get acknowledged.
She heard her mother talk to her father in slow hushed tones but she couldn’t make out what she was saying. Words were vibrating at frequency unknown to her. She sensed slight terror in her sinking heart which was beating in perfect coordination with the clock. She wanted to think logically, analyse, reason with what’s happening outside of her room but she felt paralyzed in her throat.
She had thought about it a hundred times and ran the whole scenario in her head a thousand more times still it never occurred to her that it could turn out into a movie scene.
How can she even think loving was easy that too when the person is of the same gender.