She felt craving for the purple, succulent, pear-shaped berries she saw in the forest during her stay there. When her husband got to know about her pregnancy cravings he became rather happy as if he found solution to all his problems. He called for his younger brother and soon it was decided that she along with her brother-in-law will travel to the forest and relish to the taste of those delicious berries.

On the day of the journey, she got ready and reached the gates to witness a strange sight. Unlike all other time when she travelled in palanquin accompanied by maids, she found an isolated carriage standing before her. Adding to its ominous outlook her brother-in-law looked more indifferent and cold than all the demons they have met on their earlier stay in the forest.

Understanding that the gossip had reached her husband she sat on the carriage and allowed herself to be carried into the forest. Upon reaching there she got down and asked him for any message. Breaking the silence he had maintained since morning he replied ” You cannot tell anyone who you are and why are you living in the jungle”.

She looked him in the eyes as a mother trying to read a child’s mind and said ” Only I, can see myself not as a victim and thus he is relying on me. Go back, he needs you. I am Sita and I can never be abandoned. He is Rama, he can never abandon me” and walked away to never meet again.

-Inspired from Sita by Devdutt Pattanaik

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