Education is replacing oxygen to be the lifeline of today’s generation. The fact is evident from the number of trees uprooted to the number of trees planted. In the world of smartphones to smart bathrooms, only education holds the formula to generate smart humans.

The recent developments throw light on the rat race where everybody is trying hard to get into esteemed schools and colleges so that they can later be placed in ‘paying salary in 6-digits’ firm. But she didn’t spend her day in scorching sun and nights under cloudless black sky working her flesh out, saving every single penny so that her daughter can earn big money.

All she ever wanted was respect in everyone’s eyes. As a single mother, she had passed through lusty eyes, staring as if capable of undressing just by their vision; hoarding hands stretched to not leave her contour untouched; devilish legs walking in her direction blocking all possible escape routes and bullying lips leaving no stones unturned in passing lewd comments at her and yet she had kept her hopes alive in the form of her daughter, naive, innocent and unharmed, who graduated today.

Sitting in the middle row, listening to loud cheers after her daughter’s heart-wrenching graduation speech talking about the struggles of a teenage girl from ‘juggi-jhopadi’ to an MNC, did make her proud but the disgust in her daughter’s eyes when they fell upon her made her reconsider the job, education is doing.

Why selling skills, talent, knowledge considered noble and not the body. Infanticide is a punishable offense and yet when she didn’t abort her child, the child grows up to be embarrassed about its existence. How is she guilty if her parents sent her to a brothel? Why her daughter feels humiliated in her presence.

Isn’t education making us smart?

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