Because she loves him?

You look good with specs (seems he didn’t even take a bath)
(Saying that she settled herself opposite to him)
He: “Thanks”
Ahm ._.
He: “You want anything”
No. I had my breakfast.
He: “I woke up late, I’m hungry. Will you  have ice-cream ?”
He: “One cheese sandwich and one chocolate ice-cream”
No. I’ll have a Vadilal King Cone. See there is a misprint in your menu, its Cone and not….
He: “C’mon. Bhaiya one cheese sandwich and one Vadilal King cone
He:”What? It doesn’t matter. By the way, you look gorgeous”
Thanks. So you going tomorrow?
He:”Yeah. Now don’t make faces, okay. I am quite hungry”
(Who eats like that). When will you be back
He:”After a week or so”
(Say something, I can’t keep mum) . Hmmm……..UUMMMMM we  are supposed to be friends, this was a friendly meeting, this is wrongmmmmmmmmhhh
And slowly she melted in his arms. Not so planned, not so expected and not so good, her first kiss.
He knelt down and proposed her saying he was stupid to let her go, the first time.


On her way back home, she kept thinking about the events at the restaurant. Does the nose really come in between while kissing? It might be because he had a big nose. Or because she was a terrible kisser as he said. Only then she realized how awkward it was, how she didn’t know how to kiss. Suddenly, she got a text saying we gotta practice kissing a lot 😉 Oh God! She loves him so much.

She was not cool, practical, smart, mirror cracking material. She was an ordinary girl with extraordinarily big misconceptions about herself and the world. One month ago they dated for a week, later he dumped her saying he couldn’t get over his past after listening to her alok nathian thoughts. He was this good-looking, smart, broad minded guy for whom looks didn’t matter, as obviously, he wasn’t interested in looks.
You see broad-minded.

She was disheartened. It came as complete shock to her. Someone rejected her after dating her for a week. Was she so bad? She didn’t know what was hurting her more, the rejection or he going away? Whatever it was, it messed up her whole system and she ended up desperately trying to have him back in her life which only brought failure. She tried every means but nothing worked. And she was too naive to understand what will work.

But she couldn’t resist talking to him. So one day she hesitantly asked for his friendship, and to her utter surprise, he agreed. Only the thought of being in contact with him made her happy. Yes, she loves him.

Now they were together again, but were they really together? She knew he was kind of self-obsessed person, demanding all the attention in the world, so as a friend she just stopped feeding his attention seeking demon. A movie trick. Smart move..huh? Little did she know that love is not a game for moves.
But it worked and see now he was on his knees before her. She somewhere felt that he was telling a lie, he was making up for the mess he created by dumping her.Her instincts kept on telling her that all that was one big bluff, she has just made herself his next target. But that didn’t bother. It was the one beautiful lie, she’ll give her whole life for. She thought she’ll make him, love her. Just filmy thingy. Little did she know that you can’t make someone fall for you.


He:”I’m sorry, I’m late. Dad had some work. I even thought of cancelling the date but then I thought you’ll be annoyed.” ( adjusting himself in the chair next to her)
Yeah. Its okay. Now I’m used to waiting
He:”Just like me, you too have kept me on wait”
I? When
He:”You know whats my weak point and you are not letting me have you”
Bu..but you know..(she blushed) Its wrong.
He:”Oh come on, two people who are in love with each other, give their everything.”
(she said nothing)
He:”Look, I want to make love to you. I love you. Dont you?”
I do. You know that.
He:”Then whats the big deal”

Yes. It wasn’t wrong, both were mature and hence can take their own decision. But she wasn’t comfortable. She knew she wasn’t making out with someone who loves her, but with someone, she wanted to love her back. Her intimacy was not driven by love but by greed. She always talked about “making love” but she turned it prostitutional. It was one big task she was doing to make her love stay. Little did she know, you can’t make people stay in your life.

She had the feeling that something was wrong and somewhere she knew what was wrong. But she pretended as everything was good. As if she is unaware of the storm building inside her. She somewhere knew he was just tricking her into this but she was too scared to admit that. She had started loving the bubble, she was living in.She was always a weak and confused soul. She knew she was doing something she was going to regret forever still she let that happen. But why was she doing so? Because she knew he doesn’t love him. Because she knew he was going to leave her. Because she was too weak to face rejection. Because she wanted to hit on his guilty conscience. Because she has no guts to take responsibility for her own mistakes. To make him see that she loves him. Yes, she loves him.


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