Punished for life

She was married at an age when;

She thought females in saree were her aunt,

When aam-panna was everything she wants.

When getting 2paise as reward was the moment of proud

And things were cheerful and loud.

Getting a hand-woven doll was her greatest desire

She was a cute cuddly liar.

She was married when she didn’t even know what marriage is, and
That loneliness is going to turn out to be her greatest bliss.

She was married at thirteen, to a guy probably 10 years elder to her. Why?
Because her father thought it was once in a lifetime opportunity to get a well-settled guy like him, as  groom and that too at a very low cost.

A farmer and father of 5 kids  wasn’t able to arrange that low-cost wedding properly hence was punished. He was not allowed to meet his daughter ever. But to his relief, his daughter was accepted in the boy’s family. Such relief.

An immature age and hurried circumstance left her clueless about her surroundings. All she can make out was “she is going to a new home, new family but without her mother. She won’t  accompany her there like she used to do while going to school. Will she be allowed to go to school there, she asked her mum, in a low voice. Her mum looked at her, sobbed fat tears and bade her goodbye.

The new home, new family rather than welcoming her were mourning over the money they can’t get. Mourning because they thought that the bride will be bedecked in gold, mourning because they thought they got a golden hen. Mourning. Disappointed.
Few even considered remarriage of the groom. But groom answered them with a plain “NO”
Hence they had to accept her in the family.

As time passed by she got settled there, she adorned every relation, she made everyone hers. She became the part of the family.
It took time but she stopped being scared of her husband, she learned that he owns her, she accepted that a “husband-wife” relationship is meant to be that way only. Her will doesn’t exists.

Two years later she gave birth to a stillborn and doctors declared she can never be a mother again.


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