Mere bhaiya aaye hain (My Brother has come)

Sixth sense or the sub-conscious mind whatever you say,she suddenly woke up from her peaceful sleep to face the bitter reality. He was lying next to her and before she could react he closed her mouth. She is probably 9 or 10 years old , too young to understand what was going on and He, her cousin, in his late teens, too young to be that cruel.

He started moving his hand all over her body, touching her everywhere, making her cerebral cells register lust, define greed in new terms.She turned pale and terror got imprinted in her eyes. She shivered. Her brain sending cold chills down her spine. Her mind jammed with all sort of questions popping up. She actually couldn’t understand “how to respond” “how to defend” “how to protect herself”, at her tender age she was too naive to realize that she need to protect herself.

A loud bang outside made him conscious and she was spared that night. For a few minutes, she lied there, all blank wondering what happened what was real or just a weird nightmare. But soon she realized even her nightmares are not this cruel. He has came to stay with her family during his winter vacations. She has met him for the first time in her knowledge and was very happy to have a BROTHER. There was no one in her society who wasn’t told “Mere bhaiya aaye hain” (My brother has come). Though being a shy kid, she didn’t started interacting with him.

She was JUST A KID. Never had heard or seen anything like this. Her brain had no clue what to do in such situations. It explored even the remote corners but nothing useful it came up with. She lied there STILL, figuring out answers to her questions, “What was that?” “Why bhaiya touching me?” ” Why it felt so gross?” “Why am I feeling this awkward” “What am I supposed to do now” “Should I tell mom?” “What would I tell her??..” All the why’s and whats kept revolving in her mind. She kept feeling disgusting but couldn’t make up the courage to talk about this to her mom. At last She decided that she’ll stay away from BHAIYA, no interactions, nothing at all.
After that night she kept herself clinged to her mother. Not leaving her side even for a moment. But that night kept haunting her. She couldn’t actually sleep after that.

One day when She came back home after school, she found Mom was not at home. She was terror struck. Not making a sound she headed back thinking she would stay at neighbor’s place till her mother comes back. Suddenly, he held her hand. She busted out crying. He held her hand more firmly and locked the door. She tried all possible means, she cried loud, screamed at the top of her voice, kicked him with legs, pleaded him to leave her alone..but it didn’t affected him. “Bhaiya, meko janna hai” (I need to leave, brother) didn’t wrenched his heart. The home that was once filled with her sweet squeals, was now filled with her painful screams.


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