Apparently, Last Conversation :(

She held her white top close to her face and the familiar smell immediately stuck her, an overwhelming grief knotted her stomach. “He has a new girl in her life” Her eyes turned wet and a tear drop fell off.
Its been a year since he broke up but she never actually got over him. After the intimacy they shared, he left her saying she is annoying and immature. He left her saying she is stalking. He left her feeling miserable. He left her cursing herself. He left her, Just like that.
All the year she just tried to be a part of his life, no matter how small it is. She absorbed everything, faced all embarrasments and never lost her calm. As all she wanted was “HIM”. So every now and then she used to pop up in his life to check whether he is fine, to hear him or should we say to keep reminding him that she is there whenever he needs her.
So when this afternoon she asked him half jokingly “what is he doing online, when he say he has a real life” he replied her saying “she is online”. Her mouth fell apart. His words pierced her heart, deep down she felt pain. She blocked all the sources of contact and went straight to her room. But even her room didn’t provide her any solace. She sobbed fat, salty tears. She cried and cried and cried


His friend enquired “ohho *life* who is she buddy”?? You never told us anything about her :/
He smiled and said there is no one
You lied ? You have no one in your life?? asked his friend.
Yeah! I can’t see her suffer like this. Thinking that am committed to someone will help her in moving on.

And you say He didnt love her 😉