Hence Sold

She completed her graduations. Her parents,like any other parents were concerned about her marriage. But unlike other parents they were too damn concerned. Why?

They were parents of TWO DAUGHTERS.. You see, having a brother, a real one, is still an important criteria for selecting a girl as a daughter-in-law in their community. I don’t know how the real brother serves her sister or her in-laws, after her marriage but as my mom says “keh diya na, aisa hota hai,to hota hai”. (I told you, this is how it works)

Initially they were calm, asking known one’s only, but gradually the search turn out to be an aggressive one. Asking everyone, talking to even distant relatives to whom they haven’t talk since ages, making a matrimony profile,and what not. In short everything. In this time she completed her post graduation too.And to add their misery, she got spects….
How the hell, the doctor prescribed her spects, she is only 23 and she always have food rich in Vitamin E in her diet. “Ab kon krega usse shaadi” (Now who will marry her)
It’s not that they didn’t get any proposals, as we all know sex ratio is very low in our country, for every girl there are about 5-6 guys. But then they rejected guys as they were either from a low profile family or were less educated then her. “Inna kyun padhi ki ladke nahi mil rhe, kaha tha ladki ko itna mat padhao” (why did you study so much now it’s hard to find guys, I already said don’t let her study so much )
She was beautiful, or to be precise “FAIR”, educated, intelligent, smart, and was well aware of all the household chores and a professional in “cooking”. But you know all these things are ignored just like newton’s third law is ignored in Rohit Shetty’s movies when one doesn’t have money to be given as dowry.
Dowry though illegal but the top criteria for selecting a daughter-in-law. A rich-reputed family wants nothing from the girl’s parents…… other than the money spent by them on their son’s education. Sometimes i feel like people educate their son for the sole purpose of taking dowry just like people visit malls for the sole purpose of clicking selfies later to be posted on social media. And those sophisticated families they don’t want any dowry…whaaat?? yes they don’t want dowry, they want the money spent by them on the marriage. You see, no dowry..
They just wanted a good family, where their daughter can live happily. Of Course they consider those asking dowry are good people…to quote my mom’s words “jab inna kharcha kia hai bete pe, to mangege hi na” Aur jo KHARCHA beti pe kia, “tu apni padhai pe dhyan de”.(“when they have spent so much on their son, obviously they’ll ask dowry”  And what about expenses on the girl?  “You concentrate on your studies“)
No one asked what she wants, no one was bothered whether she was ready for marriage, what kind of guy she wants to marry. Nothing. And as an “adarsh bhartiya beti” (Ideal Indian daughter) she didn’t even utter a word. Obviously she was hurt by the sudden change in the behaviour of her parents. She used to be the apple of their eyes, and now they don’t even have any time to look into her wet eyes. Yeah she knew their parents love her, and are doing all this for her happiness, but what they missed is to see whether she was really happy??
Amidst all these depression came a good news. A good guy, from a good family, with a engineering degree, wants to marry her even after knowing that she doesn’t have a REAL BROTHER.. “Arey itna aacha insaan kahin nahin milega, devat hain ye to” (You won’t such good person anywhere, he’s godlike). They just want FEW lakhs, a car, furniture, clothes, heavy jewellery and nothing else. “itna to shaadi me sb dete hi hai” (everyone gives at least this much in marriage) One has to secure their daughter’s future no.
So the first round of selection took place, and both the families approved each other. In the next round his sister approved her as “bhabhi” (sister-in-law) *giggling*. In the next round his mother father and other relatives approved her as “bahu” (daughter-in-law). And in the last round he approved her as “wife”. Did she approve anyone?? “hamare yahan ladkiyo in sab mamlon me nahi bolti, tu padhai kar” (The girls here do not speak in all these matters, you study)
So now the product has been sold. But wait... where is the sales agreement???


3 thoughts on “Hence Sold

  1. Err…”soul purpose”…i think it should be sole purpose..m not some grammer nazi..or smthing..just thought to point this out..neverthless lovely blog.. 🙂

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