The Second, Last Meeting


So here comes the point where She has to prove her love for him.
She actually love him. No infatuation. No attraction. Feelings!!!
But why can’t He see that. Why he needs a proof of that. She has heard from male friends, read quotes, seen in movies..”relationships are not all about intimacy”. Even the first time she made love to him was a kind of task for her..a highly regretted one. Now she don’t know how to react..Is everything so pratical in this world?? Is love all about getting laid?? Was he right?? Is there no place for emotions??
Million thoughts were running on her mind, which made her numb. Words were not comming out her mouth. Framing sentence appeared to be an alien art.
A part of her kept saying don’t be a fool, he don’t loves you..think wisely. But his lie was the only thing that made meaning to her, for which She craves, what She always wanted to hear. Hence She gave-in, She hugged him, He kissed her..
But then



She was not ready.
She declined firmly
He absorbing the circumstances left her saying that they are totally different people and derive different meaning of love, They can’t be together even when they both love each other..
She stood still, not knowing how to react. He hugged her and bid her goodbye
She stood there..STILL
Is She meeting him for the last time? Are all the couples in this world alike?? Was She wrong???



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