The Second, Last Meeting

The day has something good in it. The sun was extra bright, the birds were more chirpy and her heart, it was blooming. But what made
her happy this?? What made everything this lively??
A call.., a call from someone she never expected. Someone she bid goodbye to, though reluctantly and on a sad note but there was
nothing she could have done. She couldn’t hide her excitment, with sparkling eyes, quivering hands and shivering voice she took the
call. He wanted to meet so asked her if she was free.Her heart started doing sommersaults, She felt like she has been granted, all her
wishes. Without wasting a moment she said YES, she never looked on her schedule when it comes to him.
She tried to pretend as if she was taking this meeting casually, warned all the butterflies in her stomach, taught them to behave so that
he can’t figure out how happy she was, assuming he was interested in knowing how she feels or how she is. Silly!!!
They met, he took a room to prevent uninivited stares and stories. He, following the custom, complimented her. She smiled and asked
about his life. She kept jumping from a questions to another to confirm if he was fine and doing well.
She : You got new hairstyle? But you look good with your hairs down
He : I look good, always
She : But i love your hairs that way, more!!
He : And I love you…
She : what
He : I always did , you screwed everything… Look, I love you, make love to me!!
She ignored the second part and hugged him, Commited her love for him. She was well aware that her insecurity, possessiveness,
irritating and annoying behaviour has brought their relationship to an end. But was glad to see that his love came back to her. Silly!!!
He : Make love to me.
She : (lovingly) Stop it. No.. I have got so much to share..I missed you like hell..Thankyou for forgivi….
He : We can always talk after making love.
She : (surprised) Please. You know am not that comfortable with this love making thing.
He : But its not the first time right?
She : (shocked) * You know I didn’t want to make love..did just for you.You know I take it as sin. You know how much i felt guilty
about, our love making. You know what I feel about it.You know how insecurely I behaved after it* Why are you behaving like a
typical cheap guy?
He : After the havoc you caused in my life don’t you think you owe me this.
She : (shattered) *Owe you. Owe you sex because I love you. Because I wasn’t strong to accept the drift in you after we had sex.
Because I can’t see you talking to your ex* I apologised from the bottom of my heart after realising my mistake.
He : Oh common… Its kind of compensation. And we too love each other so there is nothing bad in it.
She : You love me?
He : (irritated) Ofcorse I do. Why else am here..
She : (sobbing) then can’t you just drop this idea of yours for my sake
He : C’mon don’t act like a kid. Don’t start this crying thing. I can take this. You don’t even love me. If you love me then do it for me.
She : (convincingly) I do love you.
He : Prove it.


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