The Black Bride

You don’t understand. People will make fun of her. She is darker than you. You don’t understand the norms of society!!
Ajay : C’mon Mom. World is changing.We are above this racial discrimination.
Dad : Let it be Ajay. She won’t ever understand.She consider herself Mrs India.
Kanchan : Bhabhi..Look at yourself and than talk about others, If Ajay is okay then why do you have problems??

[ Hmmm.. I should look at myself first!! Its been forty-years now. But I clearly remember my time. After “Girha-Pravesh” ceremony when maaji saw me for the first time, She was dumdstruck. Numb.IT took her some good 10 minutes to come-back into senses.
Rajeev was the most eligible bachelor of his time. There were girls going mad for him, for his looks…Coming from a reputed Brahim-zamindar family and being an english scholar of that time, has brought him many good proposals. But my father being the higest-bidder grabbed the opportunity for me.
For a father, their daughters are flawless beautiful princessess and so was I for my dad. And so he failed to recognise that his daughter is black. Yes. I was a Bright Student. Good Learner.Expert Home- maker. And in the words of my dad, shares the same varna as of Lord Krishna. But I remember what my sasu-ma said “Sab badai ek taraf, ek gorai ek taraf”
She hated me from the very first day and looked forward for other prospects for Rajeev. But Rajeev was admant. He decided not to marry again. As “jo naseeb me hoga, wahi milega”. Maaji tried persauding him in every possible means.. Initially she and Kanchan (my sister-in-law) didn’t even let me fold his dried clothes as they will turn black too. Kanchan passed all the limits to insult me, in front of her friends or Rajeev’s friends as I was the “grahan” in the “chand”. Even Rajeev used to feel disgusted to take me parties.. to shopping..for the fear of being spotted by someone known. From time to time he used to mention that “Vo hi hai jo ye shaadi nibha rha hai, koi aur to kabke chodd ke chale jata”.
When I conceived, all I was worried, was about the complexion of the child. I didn’t let any God take this issue for granted, not leaving them for a single moment. Thankfully I was blessed with a FAIR baby boy. And that somehow stopped the sufferings. Reluctantly maaji accepted me as her daughter-in-law..
I, sometimes, wonder what kept me going,what made me strong,why i keep tolerating all those inhuman gestures. Now i see same thing…….]

Ajay : Mom…answer!! Why are you so against this girl?? Aapko to ulta samjhna chahiye. Dad ne bhi to aapse shadi ki..
Beta…Shaadi kro par ousse ehsaan mat banne dena!!


3 thoughts on “The Black Bride

  1. I guess you dont write what you think. I guess its all reality. Like a movie rolling against my eyes. Bohot acche. 🙂

    PS: Why that extra “e” in mee? 😛

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