The First Last Meeting

                                                1 Notification : Mr xyz like your comment
SHE :(shocked) likes my comment..HE liked my comment
She went to page, her eyes glued to the monitor..staring the dialog box, sayin he liked her comment..
Its been around 6 months, they broke up but She is not over yet..She is not someone who believes in PDA but that day, she was feeling and She just mentioned him in the comment..A cold sensation rushed down her spine. She didn’t know how to react. Her heart was bouncing up and down, her eyes sparkled and just when she was about to text him..
After helping Mom in the kitchen She went to her room, suddenly light flashed on her cellphone. Reluctantly she drew the pattern to unlock the screen. BOOM
It was a text from him. He is back into the city..for her?? She doubts that..But He is back..

A day before She called him to meet her once, to which He replied “I am not in the city”
Disheartened She told him, She wanted to meet him before She leaves the city FOREVER
He said “I will see”.

She told him, She will wait for him at the same restaurant, where they first met. Stupid She, thought that it will ignite all those feelings of their first date. She dressed up beautifully..for him..went to the venue to find him waiting there but the place was so unfamiliar this time. There is no emotion of excitement or nervousness on his face, unlike the first time they met.
He was in his usual casuals…there was a charm in his eyes that always pulled her towards him. They went inside

He : Why did you call me??
She : I wanted to apologies for all that mess, I created in your life ( I…. want another chance)
He : Its fine..Am over it. Do you want something?
She : Nahh. ( I want to talk..i want to make things up )
He : We have to order something..we cant just sit.
She : I will have an Ice-cream
He :Waiter, One Ice-Cream.Please
She : You don’t want anything???
He : No..Food-poisoning
She :What?? How??
He :Nothing Important. I have to go early..Finish it soon
She : I am not here to have Ice-cream. I want to talk…can we just!!! ( Can’t you just understand….I LOVE YOU )
He : See, Am not a cry for all this shit. I have to go early. can you please
She : Fine. lets go. I am done. (how can you be so rude )
He went to counter paid the bill, She kept staring her..Both came out of the restaurant..He went to the parking to take his scooty. Her eyes fixed on him. She wanted to rush back to him..Hug him as tightly as possible. Tell him how much she loved her. But She realized. He is over…Or never loved her.

A tear rolled out of her dried eyes. She logged out and went back to work!!!!!


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