She read the whole wikipedia page,tears kept rolling down from her eyes, ‘ STALKER’ was the word she was reading about. She couldn’t believe  the person who used to claim that he loved her called her stalker.

All the memories kept popping up in her mind. How they used to talk all the time, how a month old relationship has became her life, how she didn’t mind loosing contacts with her friends when he came into her life, how she crossed all her limits and surrendered herself to him. And then how he said “you’re immature” and left. And now he labelled her a  psycho stalker.

She  didn’t believe, initially that he has left her. She thought he is just mad about something. How can he stop loving her? How can anyone stop loving anyone? But then thousands of unreplied text, hundreds of unattended calls, block over social media and now being convicted as a “STALKER”  made it clear that he didn’t ever love her.

She wondered, what made him label her a stalker .What did she do?

Is it because she kept calling him  everyday even when the calls weren’t answered? Or it is because of those texts?Or may be the long ass paragraphs she wrote to him, telling how much she loves him and misses him and how sorry she is. She kept telling herself that she wasnt stalking him, she was just, trying?

Ironically, that’s what stalkers do. He, loving her once didnt give her the right to barge in his personal space. Even though her intentions were good, she was actually imposing herself and traumatizing him. And that’s not love.Her desperation to contact him and her ability to let go made her a stalker.

And you know what the saddest part is, She is not the only one.




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