As told by a relative, her mom cried heavily, on her birth…She wanted a baby boy, as doctors said she can’t conceive…Yeah she went for an ultrasound followed by an abortion, if the feotus happened to be of female sex..but “jaako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi” since she was too weak and pregnancy was of more then three months the doctors denied…
And so SHE was born……..SHE always used to thought Mom doesn’t loves her much, and when SHE was told all this, SHE became sure that yes Mom doesn’t loves her. But then initially SHE never paid attention to this as SHE knew Dad loves her alott. SHE was the only child of her parents and to be honest SHE didn’t even wanted one,she thought it will reduce her importance, silly SHE. When SHE was younger SHE used to tell Mom stories, how boys are bad and girls are good, how society has changed, how boys are girls are equal , how she has typical old-fashioned thinking…and her mom used to say “you don’t understand “.
SHE was a bright kid, excellent in studies but unlike other parents her dad didn’t wanted her to study and stand on her own feet. Rather he wanted her to study so that she can fulfil the basic educational criteria for “getting married”. So after completing graduation SHE was forced to quit the job after training period to be at home.
Dad was her hero when SHE was a kid, but as soon as SHE grew up…dad started turning into a person, unknown to SHE. Starting from “yahan nahi jaoge, wahan nahi jaoge” to ensure they are home all the time, “ye nahi dekhoge, vo nahi dekhoge” to ensure they do not watch anything on TV other then “news depicting politics” ,”ye nahi pehnoge, vo nahi pehnoge” , ” abhi nahi hasoge, abhi nahi rooge”. “ye songs nahi, ye magazines nahi”, “abhi phone pe baat nahi” dad has started controlling her life. SHE lost all contacts with her friends, and accepted her loneliness as a bliss..Once SHE used to “apple of her dad’s eyes , now SHE is mere a remote controlled robot.
And now when Mom is looking for grooms for her, and can’t find one because SHE don’t have a real brother or 50 lakhs- 60 lakhs to feed those hungry people as dowry, ( yeah, they are ready to make their daughter marry into a family, seeking they think its a ritual ) dad gets frustrated and say “I’ll kill myself one day” . Seeing all this “better you should have killed me” is the only thing she can think of. And so understood what mom meant with “you don’t understand”..

So if you can’t handle a girl child, and going to make her life a living hell better don’t give birth to one!!!!


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