The First Last Meeting

                                                1 Notification : Mr xyz like your comment
SHE :(shocked) likes my comment..HE liked my comment
She went to page, her eyes glued to the monitor..staring the dialog box, sayin he liked her comment..
Its been around 6 months, they broke up but She is not over yet..She is not someone who believes in PDA but that day, she was feeling and She just mentioned him in the comment..A cold sensation rushed down her spine. She didn’t know how to react. Her heart was bouncing up and down, her eyes sparkled and just when she was about to text him..
After helping Mom in the kitchen She went to her room, suddenly light flashed on her cellphone. Reluctantly she drew the pattern to unlock the screen. BOOM
It was a text from him. He is back into the city..for her?? She doubts that..But He is back..

A day before She called him to meet her once, to which He replied “I am not in the city”
Disheartened She told him, She wanted to meet him before She leaves the city FOREVER
He said “I will see”.

She told him, She will wait for him at the same restaurant, where they first met. Stupid She, thought that it will ignite all those feelings of their first date. She dressed up beautifully..for him..went to the venue to find him waiting there but the place was so unfamiliar this time. There is no emotion of excitement or nervousness on his face, unlike the first time they met.
He was in his usual casuals…there was a charm in his eyes that always pulled her towards him. They went inside

He : Why did you call me??
She : I wanted to apologies for all that mess, I created in your life ( I…. want another chance)
He : Its fine..Am over it. Do you want something?
She : Nahh. ( I want to talk..i want to make things up )
He : We have to order something..we cant just sit.
She : I will have an Ice-cream
He :Waiter, One Ice-Cream.Please
She : You don’t want anything???
He : No..Food-poisoning
She :What?? How??
He :Nothing Important. I have to go early..Finish it soon
She : I am not here to have Ice-cream. I want to talk…can we just!!! ( Can’t you just understand….I LOVE YOU )
He : See, Am not a cry for all this shit. I have to go early. can you please
She : Fine. lets go. I am done. (how can you be so rude )
He went to counter paid the bill, She kept staring her..Both came out of the restaurant..He went to the parking to take his scooty. Her eyes fixed on him. She wanted to rush back to him..Hug him as tightly as possible. Tell him how much she loved her. But She realized. He is over…Or never loved her.

A tear rolled out of her dried eyes. She logged out and went back to work!!!!!


She read the whole wikipedia page,tears kept rolling down from her eyes, ‘ STALKER’ was the word she was reading about. She couldn’t believe  the person who used to claim that he loved her called her stalker.

All the memories kept popping up in her mind. How they used to talk all the time, how a month old relationship has became her life, how she didn’t mind loosing contacts with her friends when he came into her life, how she crossed all her limits and surrendered herself to him. And then how he said “you’re immature” and left. And now he labelled her a  psycho stalker.

She  didn’t believe, initially that he has left her. She thought he is just mad about something. How can he stop loving her? How can anyone stop loving anyone? But then thousands of unreplied text, hundreds of unattended calls, block over social media and now being convicted as a “STALKER”  made it clear that he didn’t ever love her.

She wondered, what made him label her a stalker .What did she do?

Is it because she kept calling him  everyday even when the calls weren’t answered? Or it is because of those texts?Or may be the long ass paragraphs she wrote to him, telling how much she loves him and misses him and how sorry she is. She kept telling herself that she wasnt stalking him, she was just, trying?

Ironically, that’s what stalkers do. He, loving her once didnt give her the right to barge in his personal space. Even though her intentions were good, she was actually imposing herself and traumatizing him. And that’s not love.Her desperation to contact him and her ability to let go made her a stalker.

And you know what the saddest part is, She is not the only one.




As told by a relative, her mom cried heavily, on her birth…She wanted a baby boy, as doctors said she can’t conceive…Yeah she went for an ultrasound followed by an abortion, if the feotus happened to be of female sex..but “jaako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi” since she was too weak and pregnancy was of more then three months the doctors denied…
And so SHE was born……..SHE always used to thought Mom doesn’t loves her much, and when SHE was told all this, SHE became sure that yes Mom doesn’t loves her. But then initially SHE never paid attention to this as SHE knew Dad loves her alott. SHE was the only child of her parents and to be honest SHE didn’t even wanted one,she thought it will reduce her importance, silly SHE. When SHE was younger SHE used to tell Mom stories, how boys are bad and girls are good, how society has changed, how boys are girls are equal , how she has typical old-fashioned thinking…and her mom used to say “you don’t understand “.
SHE was a bright kid, excellent in studies but unlike other parents her dad didn’t wanted her to study and stand on her own feet. Rather he wanted her to study so that she can fulfil the basic educational criteria for “getting married”. So after completing graduation SHE was forced to quit the job after training period to be at home.
Dad was her hero when SHE was a kid, but as soon as SHE grew up…dad started turning into a person, unknown to SHE. Starting from “yahan nahi jaoge, wahan nahi jaoge” to ensure they are home all the time, “ye nahi dekhoge, vo nahi dekhoge” to ensure they do not watch anything on TV other then “news depicting politics” ,”ye nahi pehnoge, vo nahi pehnoge” , ” abhi nahi hasoge, abhi nahi rooge”. “ye songs nahi, ye magazines nahi”, “abhi phone pe baat nahi” dad has started controlling her life. SHE lost all contacts with her friends, and accepted her loneliness as a bliss..Once SHE used to “apple of her dad’s eyes , now SHE is mere a remote controlled robot.
And now when Mom is looking for grooms for her, and can’t find one because SHE don’t have a real brother or 50 lakhs- 60 lakhs to feed those hungry people as dowry, ( yeah, they are ready to make their daughter marry into a family, seeking they think its a ritual ) dad gets frustrated and say “I’ll kill myself one day” . Seeing all this “better you should have killed me” is the only thing she can think of. And so understood what mom meant with “you don’t understand”..

So if you can’t handle a girl child, and going to make her life a living hell better don’t give birth to one!!!!

Ek Aam Din….One Mango day In My Mom’s life

Hurriedly she woke up and ran straight into the “Pooja Ghar” took the flower basket and went outside to collect flowers..   Navratre started and  marked the custom of plucking flowers early morning  to impress Goddess Durga .Everyone wants to collect as many flowers as they could, so people wake up early and pluck flowers from others gardens as well to make sure they have enough flowers   When Mom opened the main door, it was still dark outside,only then she realised that she woke up in the middle of night. She closed the door and came back, placed the basket on the table and checked the clock, it was 4:30 only, tired she sat on the sofa to wait for the sunrise and fell asleep.

A loud and clear knock on the door woke her up from sleep. It was Gudda, my cousin , he  came from his friends home after last night’s group studies. Mom woke up opened the door, murmuring that she got late and probably there won’t be any flowers left. She took the basket and went outside to collect flowers.Meanwhile Gudda was instructed to get ready for school.She came back furious…”how can people be so inhuman, the one who has planted the plant is left with no flowers and these ladies who never dared to even water them took all the flowers”.  She then switched on the water motor to fill the water tank,  watered the kitchen garden  and went to wake dad up. Dad woke up and went to the washroom. Gudda came ready, had breakfast, took the lunchbox and went to school. It was 8 now. She went to clean the “Puja Ghar” . After coming back she made tea for Dad…He started reading newspaper enjoying the cup of tea. She came to my room , told me the time that I should start getting ready otherwise I’ll be late for office. I said 5 minutes more and went back to sleep.

Again she went to the kitchen and made breakfast for us. Also made my lunch and packed it. At 9:30 she came to my room again to check whether I got up or not to find out that I was still asleep. She told me that I was going to be late if I didn’t wake up now.I woke up…shouting at her, “Its 9:30 now and you are saying I’ll get late. I am already late. Can’t you just wake me up at 9:00.” She said nothing and went to complete her chores. She placed towel in the bathroom for Dad , placed  neatly ironed formals on bed , went in the kitchen to make chapatis for cozy, (our pet dog at office). Meanwhile I and dad appeared on the dining table for breakfast. And mom arranged our bags. We went to our respective offices at 10:30. After that Mom did the daily dusting, cleaning, sweeping,washing, took bath, offered prayers to God.

Then she again went into the kitchen , this time to prepare lunch. She finished all her work by 1:30. And sat down to fix the button of dad’s shirt. Gudda came back from school, Mom gave him lunch…after having lunch he went to take a nap. It was already 2:30. She was waiting for dad and was tired as hell, wanted to lie down but then dad haven’t came for lunch yet. After an hour or so dad came. He had lunch and after taking a nap, he went to office. After that she  cleaned kitchen and took a small nap.

I and dad came home at 5, Mom was stitching something. Mom made tea for dad, and told me to come for lunch. I went straight into my room and started doing my stuff. She came to my room with lunch and made me eat. Then I went to watch TV she prepared dinner. She gave me light snacks to eat until we have our dinner. Dad came and after freshing up he had tea again and started watching TV. I went to her and  announced that I won’t be having dinner as I am full. She scolded me for not telling her before as she had already made dinner for me as well.  I said nothing just a plain “sorry” and went to sleep. She said nothing, thinking I am sleeping though she was angry.
Then Dad had dinner while watching TV in the living room making mom walk all the way from kitchen to living room to serve him chapatis. Later around 12 she came to my room and found me awake using mobile. She left saying “Jaggi hai aaja  Prashad le le, vo vrat hai mere ” (If you are up, come take Prashad, I was on fast)

Birthday Bash

Why are they so important? Why do people look forward to their birthdays? How thinking about birthday treat, parties make you so gay. How we call it our big day.
The day on which we came into this world. The day which shows how we are aging. Every year when we are celebrating our birthday, we are celebrating how we are aging.

What actually makes it so important and us so happy, is all those warm wishes, calls, texts, treats symbolizing peopel remember us. We are important enough for them to remember our birth-date. We are important enough for them to make effort to find out our birthdate. We are important enough for them to write a wish or make call to wish us.

I see how facebook sends notification telling everyone on our list that it’s your birthday, and how they dont have to remember it now so they arent actually making efforts but in this busy world, people don’t have time for themselves so even if they are making time by responding to a notification, we are important to them.

So, why are birthdays important?
It’s not because of us, it’s because of people in our lives.