some says it’s unpredictable
some says it’s a challenge
some says it’s a dream
some says it’s a game

But then “life is LIFE”. Its all about LIVING and not EXISTING. There are so many hurdles, obstacles. They are people who dont even live beacuse things didn’t work out the way they wanted.
Some failed in love
Some failed in test
Some because they have creepy bosses
while some because they can’t find happiness

But then no one actually wants to die. One can never be happy if he/she continue to look for happiness. Its within us.

When we talk about the thing we like and our eyes twinkle
When we talk to a old friend and tears roll down our eyes
When we find our crush staring us and we blush
When someone random compliments us
When a child say “we are their favourite”
When our parents smile because of us
When someone we never thought a chance with, texts us

There is so much about love, life, living…that we dont know and will never get to know. But then again, life is not about knowing all the answers. Stop complaining, enjoy whatever you have. Do whatever makes you feel happy. Never regret anything, because when you did that, you actually wanted to do that. Life isnt teacher, yet we learn from it. Be content with the liltle love you have, there are many who have nothing and are still smiling. Just live, enjoy, smile, help others.


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