Telangana: New way to get Votes

Recently, we heard the emergence of a brand new state “Telangana” which comprises 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh and sharing the capital of Andhra that is Hyderabad..
The revolts for making a new state namely Telanagana started in 1951 by the communists  but it was ended by sending an army by the central government. People of the state were unsatisfied by the way the government were treating them. When a massive revolt broke out the ruling government tried solving the grievances of proponents and so suppressing the revolt for a big time.

But as soon as the government changed people again started revolting and thus led to the foundation of making of a new state.

Whether it was required or not but to secure their vote bank government did make this new state.

And with  its formation the voice for making another new state named “Gorkhaland” is strengthening. We don’t know What will happen lets just hope for the best!!!!


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